3D Scanning

There are times when you have a part in front of you that you need to either integrate into a design or design around it. Lets say you have no drawings for the part, and it’s out of production, you just have the one in your hand. What do you do? You can try and model the part by measuring it with calipers. That takes lots of your time and likely you’ll introduce errors that you’ll find after the part has been produced. One way you can capture the part accurately and quickly is to do a 3D scan.

Once the 3D scan is done, the data points are connected one to another to form triangles and a mesh. These are filled to create a surface. The resulting polygonal (STL) file is perfect for reproducing the model utilizing any of our 3D printers.

3D scanning can help you:

Measure and Calculate parts quickly without instruments

Create 3D CAD for design, 3D printing, or machining.

Be able to 3D print a part quickly

Create multiple parts quick

Make parts fit the first time.

Improve quality

Analyze your competition

Scale parts up or down easily